Toroni gave its name to the Gulf of Toroni and played an important role in the history of Greece. In the 2nd c. the ancient city was one of the richest and largest cities of Halkidiki. Today, the area is a small settlement, spread along the beach.
The early Christian church of Agios Athanasios is an important archaeological site of the 5th c. A.D. After a series of fires and only part of the temple has survived.
The beaches of the area are among the most organized and famous, with turquoise waters and sandy coastline, a fact for which they have been awarded the Blue Flag.




Tristinika, known for its turquoise exotic waters, is a vast organized beach with a sandy coastline near Toroni. On its coast there is only one bar, which is rumored to be the most beautiful in Sithonia. In the area there are some traditional taverns with fresh fish, accommodation for rent, and camping as well. The sunset is the most important attraction.

Porto Koufo


The area consists of a long, narrow and sandy beach with deep and exotic waters between rocky hills. There are several caves along the coast that can be reached by boat. Also, a great variety can be found from Greek fish taverns with fresh seafood and traditional delicacies.

Porto Koufo, as it is the largest natural port in Northern Greece, is characterized by an extremely calm sea without waves.




This is an area of unparalleled beauty that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

It has everything you need for a dream vacation. Incomparable beaches, nightlife, historical monuments, cultural attractions and hospitable inhabitants. This is a very large area of 3 km that meets the expectations of visitors, and offers an unforgettable experience.



Kalamitsi is a magnificent, well organized beach with fine, white sand and remarkable crystal clear blue waters surrounded by massive stones.

There is a wide variety of water sports in the area, such as scuba diving and canoeing.

The place resembles a small island and is a suitable destination for family vacations.